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Nihongo Picnic is an online Japanese school. Many of our students work full-time. They also spend time with family and friends and spend time doing their hobbies in addition to working. Everyone has various types of important time to spend other than studying Japanese in their lives.

Understanding these situations, we strive to create a Japanese learning environment where classmates can strongly encourage each other in a positive way.


All the instructors are certified in Japanese education. Furthermore, group lessons are given by instructors who are trained in facilitating, who can support discussions and conversations in class to go smoothly.

The profile of each teacher can be found below!


There are three types of homework, given after each class and divided into three levels. They are おちゃ Tea (Required), おにぎり Rice Ball (Recommended), and おべんとう Bento Box (Optional). Each student can freely adjust the amount of homework depending on the schedule and availability. All students must do Tea level homework because not doing it will be a problem in the next lesson when having discussions with classmates. Rice Ball level homework is recommended to be done as much as possible. Bento Box level homework is a little hard and takes some time. If you have the time, please be sure to try it too. The instructor will give feedback on all levels of homework.


– Students submit class feedback twice a semester (voluntary). Please be sure to indicate questions or requests to the instructor or ideas for a new class!

– Students can sign up for private lessons in addition to group lessons. Students can sign up for a private lesson with their teacher or some other teacher (an additional fee of 6,600 yen per hour will be charged).

– Slack is used to share homework assignments and send out information. Students should add our channel on their Slack to easily access homework assignments anytime. You can also post questions here anytime. Also, please be sure to share information in the class channel regarding your favorite teaching materials, apps, and anime!

– Although the lessons will be in Japanese, English can be used outside of class, like Slack.

Teaching Materials

Instructors often make homework assignments, but assignments are not limited to instructor-original teaching materials. Apps and online tools are also used to create an environment best suited for students (e.g., From March 2022, we will open a Kanji Lesson Class using the app WaniKani).

There is a shared folder that students of all classes can access every semester. Here, students can access the teaching materials of classes in other levels in addition to the materials for their own classes. It would be great if students could use these materials as a reference to decide what class to participate in for the next semester (only original teaching materials created by instructors are available here for copyright reasons).


Japanese Teacher | Founder

Ako (Akiko Suzuki)

Ako has taught Japanese as a freelancer since 2002. She is well-known on social media for her informative and interesting Japanese tweets, and has experience working in games and IT sectors teaching Japanese. She has completed a course in Instructional Design for Japanese teachers. Her favorite VR games are Tetris Effect and Beat Saber!

Japanese Teacher | Head Teacher

Chiharu Kawaguchi

Chiharu has been teaching Japanese for about 5 years. Before becoming a Japanese teacher, she used to work for a hospital as a nurse. For the past 5 years, she’s been teaching Japanese at a Japanese school, companies, online classes and more. At the Japanese school, she had some classes focused on kanji in addition to other classes. She has completed a course in Instructional Design for Japanese teachers. She’s very research-oriented and always  actively improving her teaching skills. Chiharu loves football. 

Japanese Teacher

Megumi Ishikawa

This is Megumi’s fourth year as a certified Japanese language teacher. She used to teach a grammar class and writing class in a Japanese language school. She has corrected more than 600 pieces of writing during her time there. She has completed a course in Instructional Design for Japanese teachers. She’s bright, cheerful and flexible. She enjoys making handmade things, playing Shamisen, dancing hula and reading books, especially novels about the Edo era.

Japanese Teacher

Kumi Tanaka

Kumi has been teaching Japanese for about 20 years. She is an expert in teaching for exams like JLPT and BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test). She researches and analyzes the tests deeply. Kumi is working as a learning adviser too. She gives advice to learners of Japanese and her well-renowned sessions have a great reputation. She is a learner of Vietnamese and she knows lots of good Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo too!

Japanese Teacher

Miki Nadaoka

She have been teaching Japanese for over 7 years in both Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo. She is very passionate about teaching and supportive. She also provided really useful insight about nuances and what phrases would be more appropriate to use or not based on Japanese language and culture, and help students understand the interesting points of them. She has completed a course in Instructional Design for Japanese teachers.She loves coffee and going to cafes. She also like watching movies, and reading books.

Japanese Teacher

Asako Matsunaga

Asako has been a Japanese teacher for three years. She used to work for a bank for 10 years before becoming a Japanese teacher. As a Japanese teacher, Asako has taught classes for business Japanese in addition to beginner classes. She is interested in teaching pronunciation and speaking skills, too. She has completed a course in Instructional Design for Japanese teachers.She likes comics and reads Shonen Jump every week. Especially she likes One Piece and Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba).

Japanese Teacher

Akane Katano

Akane has been teaching Japanese for about 10 years. After graduating from university, she backpacked around Turkey and Europe for 5 months and studied Polish in Krokow, Poland for two years. She has been teaching Japanese at Japanese schools and online classes. She also used to teach Japanese at a university in Kazan, Russia for a year. She occasionally works as a nursery teacher as well. She loves music, sewing, visiting museums, traveling and walking in nature.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Nihongo Picnic  LLC
Date of Establishment December 9, 2021
Office Koinuma Bldg. 3F 1-10-7 Kusunokidai Tokorozawa-city Saitama
Capital 1,000,000 yen
Founder Akiko Suzuki