Corporate Lessons

We offer customized Japanese lessons for corporate clients. Please let us know the goals and current situation of your employees’ Japanese skill.

Group lessons and private lessons are available.

All the instructors are certified in Japanese education. Furthermore, group lessons are given by instructors who are trained in facilitating, who can support discussions and conversations in class to go smoothly.

Our goal is to help each client make their office “internationalize” through language lessons.

While we are a small company, we have extensive and varied experiences teaching to corporate clients, especially in the game and tech industry. Depending on your size and budget, we are happy to build a course specifically for your staff.

We are currently developing a system to set goals and evaluate the progress of each participant. The documents should be created/shared together with the participants, the company and us. We will update with more information soon!

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Participants’ Comments

I’ve had many teachers in the years I’ve been studying Japanese, and I can confidently say, without equivocation, that Akiko is far and away the best teacher I’ve ever had. She is super positive, incredibly patient, and (maybe most importantly) amazing at adapting her lessons to the student — both in the subject matter they are interested in or wanting to focus on, but also in how they learn best. Akiko is obviously always thinking about how she can best serve her students, and often comes prepared with bespoke lessons about subjects of interest without even needing to be asked.

Akiko’s passion for language and teaching is immediately obvious to anyone who meets her (or even just follows her Twitter account) and permeates every lesson. She’s professional but fun, organized but flexible, and super knowledgeable yet incredibly personable. I can’t recommend her highly enough (and have several times to many friends and acquaintances).

Mark MacDonald
Enhance, Inc.
VP BizDev & Production

From self-study to group and 1 on 1 lessons with various teachers, little has proven as beneficial to my Japanese studies as studying with Akiko. Her ability to facilitate impactful learning by encouraging and supporting you without being overbearing, just the right amount of struggle to form those new neural connections, is incredible. She is a seasoned veteran in Japanese language teaching and it shows. Additionally, having lessons you actually look forward to makes a world of difference in both your motivation and well-being. I cannot recommend Akiko highly enough.

Nicholas La Roux
Shopify Inc.
Senior Developer

When I joined Epic Games, I was taught I would have to stand and speak in Japanese for long tech talks.
While I had confidence in my Japanese for everyday communication with friends and coworkers, my level of formal Japanese and diction were really insufficient.
On top of helping me writing and correction hundreds of slides, Akiko rehearsed with me dozens of time until I was fluent and natural enough.

She has also been of tremendous help with my study for JLPT, hence being determinant factor in my obtention of permanent residency in Japan.
I feel my Japanese has really improved in three years. I can now read books in Japanese, write essays and have more complex conversations than I ever could. This is thanks to Akiko and her adapting teaching skills and her interest in various fields, making it always so easy to engage in long, nerdy conversations with her.

She is a great teacher I would highly recommend, especially when you think you have reached a brick wall in your learning of Japanese.

Axel Riffard
Software Engineer

For a few of years now, Akiko has been teaching Japanese at our company to groups of employees of various sizes, and at all Japanese comprehension levels. Based on the Japanese level, motivations and individual interests of our staff, Akiko advises on which groups we form, and she shapes the lecture material accordingly.

While I have joined classes of many Japanese teachers over the past 10 years, Akiko really stands out. When you are exposed to her motivation and enthusiasm, you will quickly realize that Akiko is no ordinary teacher. She is one of those teachers that really know their craft and have a real passion for it; one of those teachers you will only meet a few times in your lifetime. She explains it when textbook material doesn’t appear in natural conversation. This is of great value in the quest to sound “natural”, and goes to show that Akiko does not just go through a textbook like a drone. Every class is something special.

Her Twitter presence also presents people a fantastic way to play with the Japanese language. Her tweets test your knowledge and usually teach you something about the language you didn’t know yet, while very often being related to current events. If you’re considering teaching your foreign staff Japanese, you can’t go wrong with Akiko.

Ron Korving
Vice President of Engineering