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Welcome to Nihongo Picnic!
Nihongo Picnic is an online Japanese language school.

WaniKani Kanji & Words

Maximum 10 students

Learn Kanji and words effectively!
Kanji level: beginner to intermediate

This course is designed by a teacher who has much kanji teaching experience.

We are collaborating with the popular app WaniKani. The students in our school will get a 50% off coupon for subscribing to WaniKani!

*Subscribing to WaniKani is optional. It’s not necessary.  If you don’t use WaniKani, you will have no problem joining the class.

Prepare for the JLPT

Maximum 6 students

This course is taught by teachers who have  lots of experience teaching the JLPT. You will mainly learn grammar and reading in the class. You will also try practice exam (online) for the JLPT 2 times in the course. The practice exam is developed by ASK publishing.

This course will start in February 2022. Don’t miss this chance! 


Maximum 4 students

We use a textbook called まるごと (marugoto) for the course. The course will be focused on conversation. The class for complete beginners is held in English, other classes are held in Japanese.

Coming Soon!


Maximum 4 students

In this  course, you will learn N4-N3 level grammar and practice conversation. 

Coming soon!

High-intermediate for games and tech

Maximum 4 students

This course is for people who are interested in games and tech. You will read an article as homework and discuss the topic in the following class. The topics are usually about games and tech. You will also learn N2-level grammar.  Talking with people who have the similar interests should be fun!

Coming soon!


Maximum 4 students

Advanced reading and conversation course. You will read essay/novel as homework and discuss the topic with your classmates in the class. You will learn grammar and vocabulary, too.
The topics will be various like:

Coming soon!

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Corporate Lessons

We offer customized Japanese lessons for corporate clients. Please let us know the goals and current situation of your employees’ Japanese skill.
Group lessons and private lessons are available.

While we are a small company, we have extensive and varied experiences teaching to corporate clients, especially in the game and tech industry. Depending on your size and budget, we are happy to build a course specifically for your staff.

We are currently developing a system to set goals and evaluate the progress of each participant. The documents should be created/shared together with the participants, the company and us. We will update with more information soon!



We believe that homework management is very important. There are three types of homework, given after each class and divided into three levels.
おちゃ ocha (Tea, Required)
おにぎり onigiri (Rice Ball, Recommended)
おべんとう obento (Bento Box,
Each student can freely adjust the amount of homework depending on the schedule and availability. All students must do Tea level homework because not doing it will be a problem in the next lesson when having discussions with classmates. Rice Ball level homework is recommended to be done as much as possible. Bento Box level homework is a little hard and takes some time. If you have the time, please be sure to try it too. The instructor will give feedback on all levels of homework.