Conversation Course

Maximum 6 students
Once a week
13,200 yen for 1 month (4 lessons)
(3,300 yen @ 60-min lesson)

We have 8 different classes. In each class, students study grammar and vocabulary in advance as homework, and the class focuses on output.

Prepare for the JLPT

Maximum 6 students
Once a week
July to November 2022
80,850 yen (including tax) per person for 21 lessons
(3,850 yen @ 80-min lesson)

In the course, you will also try a mock test (online) for the JLPT. The mock test are developed by ASK publishing.

Business Japanese

Maximum 6 students
Once a week
July to September 2022
39,600 yen for 12 lessons 
(3,300 yen @ 60 min lesson)

This class is  good for those who:
・wants to use Japanese in actual situations.
・wants to build up your Japanese from daily conversational level to business level.

・wants to learn practical and effective  expressions at the workplace.

Private Lessons

We offer customized Japanese lessons as private lessons.Private lessons are good for those who:
・would like to have lessons at their own pace
・are studying Japanese for a specific reason such as job interviews, presentations, etc
・are looking for lessons without using textbooks

Kanji Course

Ayano, a teacher from Nihongo Picnic is well-versed in otaku/pop culture. She picks up useful words that often used in anime and explain the kanji in the class.
This event is not only for anime fans but also everyone who is interested in Japanese pop culture!
We are collaborating with the popular app WaniKani. The students in our school will get a 50% off coupon for subscribing to WaniKani!

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Corporate Lessons

We offer customized Japanese lessons for corporate clients. Please let us know the goals and current situation of your employees’ Japanese skill.
Group lessons and private lessons are available.

While we are a small company, we have extensive and varied experiences teaching to corporate clients, especially in the game and tech industry. Depending on your size and budget, we are happy to build a course specifically for your staff.




We believe that homework management is very important. There are three types of homework, given after each class and divided into three levels.
おちゃ ocha (Tea, Required)
おにぎり onigiri (Rice Ball, Recommended)
おべんとう obento (Bento Box,
Each student can freely adjust the amount of homework depending on the schedule and availability.


Workshop for Japanese teachers.